What Recession?

My uncle Dave Loehwing was editor of Barron’s, the financial newspaper for many years, and I recall that he used to say ‘if you think you’re in a recession, you are’, meaning that your negative talk and actions could force your company into a recession, when that need not be the case.

I see more and more financial pundits saying that we’re in a recession, but we don’t see it. We’re based in Arizona, which has been relatively insulated from recession by tourist and resettlement inflows, but things aren’t bad.

Despite our circulation, or impressions as we now frame it, we’re not going to made much of a dent in national media attitudes. If it bleeds, it leads, and that’s recession.

It’s time to ramp up your marketing and sales efforts, to stave off the recession and do some coaching of your staff to not thing negatively about things. If they have negative attitudes, they might transmit that to customers, who might not buy.

Keep looking at those new projects that you could do. Maybe you have to adjust the ROI down a bit, but do they still make sense?

Swipe a customer or two from your competition.

Add people where it makes sense; there seem to be a lot of good people looking to improve themselves on Indeed and Zip Recruiter.

The bottom line is that the Nervous Nellies will still be with us when we go up the right hand side of the pundits’ hockey stick, so just ignore them and do what you think is right.