Wouldn’t you like to have a sounding board for solving the challenges that you face in running your business? Solution Forum groups have been proven over the last 17 years to be highly effective in helping small business owners solve challenges they face. We have a 96% solution rate.

Investing 2-3 hours per month in the success of your business is probably the best investment you can make in your success. At present, face-to-face groups are organized in Scottsdale, Phoenix, West Side, and East Valley, and our Zoom Room virtual groups meet weekly on Wednesday at 4 pm and Monday at 7am.

For the latest dates schedules, send an email to solutionsforum@msn.com or call John Heinrich at 480-200-5678.

Canyon Falls Salon and Spa

We provided a sounding board for ideas that Adam and his partners have. We also helped the business navigate the 2019 COVID crisis without closing, keeping about 100 employees employed.

Accurate EPS

In our first one on one meeting, we validated about $100,000 of additional sales and production opportunities, and clarified which production direction the company should take.


Peter Liefer joined in 2013 when he had four employees in a one room office in Scottsdale. He now has 40 employees, most of whom are offshore in the Phillippines

D&L Sales

Dave’s sales have expanded from $8 million to $15 million projected in 2021, all in air filtration and supplies.