Case Studies

D&L Sales: Dave Downing joined in 2013 because Dave needed someone to talk to other than his wife and his two sons, who are now buying the business; we have advised on the sale. Dave’s sales have expanded from $8 million to $15 million projected in 2021, all in air filtration and supplies.

Bill Sommers joined in 2011, because he needed an advisor to his business; his children weren’t quite ready to be involved. (they are now buying the business) Bill has various businesses on which we consult. Bill is an inveterate inventor, having invented anti-infection misting systems and advanced cleaning systems. Bill’s sales were $900,000 when he joined, and will approach $2 million this year. Bill holds several patents and trademarks,

Primeview: Peter Liefer joined in 2013 when he had four employees in a one room office in Scottsdale. He now has 40 employees, most of whom are offshore in the Phillippines. We validated the idea of setting up Phillippine operations, in order to compete with GoDaddy. Primeview is among the top 10 web design and CRM firms in the Phoenix area and has several national clients..
RTA Fleet Services: Larry Turley joined Solutions Forum shortly after SF was founded in 2003 because he thought there was a much wider market for his truck fleet management software. . Larry died suddenly of lymphatic cancer in 2015, but was succeeded by his wife, and later his son Josh, both of whom we trained. We also advised on setting up a succession plan. RTA’s sales were $1.5 million when they joined, and just under $4 million when they left Solutions Forum in 2015. RTA software is sold and serviced all over the world and we helped RTA do much of the foreign expansion, hiring local agents in several foreign countries.

Accurate EPS: Bryan Adams and his wife Nicole are among our newest members, having joined in January, 2021 because they weren’t sure which direction their laser cutting business should take. In our first one on one meeting, we validated about $100,000 of additional sales and production opportunities, and clarified which production direction the company should take. We will monitor the progress on added production machinery in future months.

Canyon Falls Salon and Spa: Adam Rimmel and his three partners own two large full service nail and hair salons, one in Scottsdale, and one in Las Vegas. Adam joined in 2019. We provided a sounding board for ideas that Adam and his partners have. We also helped the business navigate the 2019 COVID crisis without closing, keeping about 100 employees employed. Recently, in a Solutions Forum meeting, we surfaced the idea that the hair extension branch could be better displayed online, as could the nature of the salon business.