Tune Up Your Website for the Recession

This was a topic in one of our recent Solutions Forum meetings, because it was apparent that one of the attendees hadn’t really looked at his website in some time.

One of my cohorts in the consulting game, Reva Lekovsky, just posted a Tweet to this effect for Europeans, but tuning up your website applies equally well for America.

Do it even if you’re reluctant to spend the money. If you do website promotion correctly, it pays for itself many times over. One of our clients found us on a website that was well done when we had it done, but we haven’t touched it for two or three years.

Our tune up normally involves looking at your search terms on the back of your website, and especially your local search terms, such as ‘Scottsdale hair and nail salon’.

Do you have your latest products and services in the search terms?

Do you have your local or national competitors listed in your search terms? You can question the ethics of doing this listing, but I’m telling you that it works.

Are you using local search terms? Odds are you’re not, because most website developers don’t know to include them.

Do you have videos? Google still loves videos of products of services in use. Even if you shot them with your cell phone.