They’re Here, Now What?

Some while ago, I wrote a post in this space that we shouldn’t get all spooled up about the illegals workers let into the country, because we needed the workers, and most of the illegals looked like they’re quite capable of working.

So, here they are. Arizona and Texas have borne the effects of the influx, but both states have been fairly adroit about shipping illegals that they catch off to other areas.

The economy has cooled somewhat since my earlier post, and there might not be the jobs that there once were, but I think that there are still about 4 million jobs out there, so we should be able to digest the folks that are here.

I’m not seeing them in a Scottsdale hotel I know housed some of them under contract with the Feds or the State, and I don’t see them camped in large parking lots or on the streets of Phoenix or Scottsdale.

It seems to me that we s a country might as well get on with putting the illegals into the pipeline for green cards and citizenship, as long as they appear to be productive citizens. If criminals screw up and get arrested, we can deport them.

The Biden Bozos screwed up, but we’re apparently making lemonade from the lemons.

There’s still an I-9 program for employers, so those employing the illegals can do it legally.

The states all presumably have labor departments that keep track of employees, so they can add more to their rolls as they register in the various states. We know that they’re not all in Texas, Arizona or Florida.

Eventually, probably next year, if the Republicans are to be believed, we will get a Republican House and Senate that can get the border back under control, finishing the wall to get the flow of migrants back under control.

The Federal Department of Labor could do something useful and try to figure out how many workers we might need in the economy. They did it before, so the processes are in place.