The Restriction of the Internet

This post is based on an article that appeared in the Epoch Times on 6/8/24 as the lead article in the Opinion Section.

The central thesis of the article is that Google is restricting searches for political reasons, but the author offers no real proof.

There are many ulterior motives for Google doing this, to influence politics in the US, to promote paid searches, and probably others.

The article does mention the impact on small business, in that they might have to spend more money to get better search results, rather than relying on organic search to be found.

We have not found restrictions on our searches, but we’re not techies. We seem to get the search results we’re looking for, and go on about our business.

Our School,, is too new, and is just beginning to be found on the internet, so we can’t tell. We are planning on paid search at some point, as soon as we develop all the organic search terms we can think of.

We don’t know if other small businesses have been affected, particularly those who make their living off their web presence.

But, we’re alerting you to the problem, so you can deal with it. We’ll keep you advised of what we think we see.