Rev Up That Red Headed Stepchild

With apologies in advance to one of my ex-wives, who was a redhead, in this uncertain economy, you should make sure that you’re getting the maximum out of all your product lines.

The rev-up includes any product lines that you might have neglected for a while because you were or are doing well with the product lines that you’re emphasizing.

Hence the readheaded stepchild analogy. Lore holds that redheads get neglected by their parents.

How long has it been since you did an analysis of all your product lines and brand names to see if they’re doing as well as you expected when you launched them?

Talk to your customers, past, present or future for the possibly neglected product line or service. They’ll tell you if you are really neglecting the product line.

For example, when one of my companies was putting nickel plating on everything we could produce to resist corrosion, I was talking to one of my big distributors and he asked why we weren’t doing plating on our garden variety exhaust clamps, which was about our first product.

An aha moment ensued. I asked him if he’d pay an extra 15 cents for a plated clamp, and he said ‘sure’. And he bought 250 on the spot.

If you look over your product or service lineup, at a minimum, you’ll probably come out with a product idea or two or five.

And you might find out if your perceived neglect of the one product or service is real.

Now get out there are look things over.