Musk, Farley and Mulally

My genius webmaster,, found a bunch of old posts that I had done for Entrepreneurial News when we first set it up.

One was on Alan Mulally, who had just started his successful turnaround efforts at Ford, which focused on fixing the culture at Ford, which had become pretty hidebound. He succeeded, of course and Ford prospered. But, his successors didn’t do as well, because they allowed Ford to become somewhat inward looking again.

Now we have Jim Farley, who’s reinvigorating Ford with new products in all of its segments, probably shaking up the culture too, and will probably be similarly successful He’s just beginning to see the profits from the new Bronco roll in, and has the F-150 Lightning and the Ford Maverick pickup to go. All three are segment leaders.And the supply chain, with its own battery plant, is getting a refresh.  Somewhere in the next year or two, the Mach E might need a refresh, too. The culture at Ford must be undergoing one of its periodic refreshes, like the cars. No one has written about that yet.

And then we have Elon Musk and his takeover of Twitter, which we are cheering on, not because we’ve been thrown off Twitter, but because he’s attempting a really ambitious, purely cultural makeover of the workforce. He’ll succeed eventually, but the question is whether the Twitterers will see the handwriting on the wall and change, or whether he’ll have to do wholesale personnel changes to get the culture forward leaning and accepting of all opinions. It seems so far that Elon is allowing change to occur from the inside, which is the better way, IMHO. Time will tell.

The point of all this is that you’ve got to get your culture aligned with where you as the CEO want to take the company, otherwise you’ll be delayed and probably frustrated.