Maintaining Your Company Culture Through Tough Times

This was the title of an op-ed that appeared in the October 21-27 issue of the Phoenix Business Journal, and written by Greg Wells, Chief People Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona.

Greg’s article is good, but it missed a couple of salient points in maintaining your company culture through tough times.

  1. If your company culture is strong, it will be fine through tough times, although the CEO might have to do more work to reassure the people. As Greg says, there is more emphasis on transparency.
  2. If you had to go to a hybrid remote/in office work environment during COVID, that might have permanently altered your company culture, because there wasn’t as much social interaction between employees. On the flip side, one of our clients actually found their culture improved by the split of the workforce, because there was less social interaction. Another client found that, after COVID was supposedly over, they got all their people together on a Friday afternoon, only to have some of them come down with COVID.
  3. Tough times are probably a good time for you, as the President or CEO, to take a look at your culture and assess what’s good and bad about it.  For example, you might want to weed out your Quiet Quitters.