Lean In Leadership

In some respects, the title of this post is an oxymoron.

If you’re the leader, you shouldn’t have to be asked to lead.

However, we have had a situation in Uvalde Texas when a group of first responders stood around while children were being killed by the assailant.

This standing around while mayhem is taking place should not happen.

The police chief apparently did not lead, as he should have. However, an investigation is taking place.

So, among the first responders, someone should have assumed the lead, especially when children were calling the 911 line reporting the shootings.

Someone among first responders should have leaned in.

Even if you’re in a meeting, and it appears that there needs to be leadership in the group, lean in.

Leadership is doing the right things. Even if you have to lean in order to do so.

You can’t be a leader and be risk averse.

You can take prudent risks.

And you can and should lean in when you think it’s appropriate.

And if you’re a first responder, it should be in your job description to lean in when you think it’s appropriate.