Indeed Tips for Recruiting Success

We’ve used Indeed and Zip Recruiter for clients, but we find that Indeed does a better job of customer relations.

For example, Indeed just came out with a set of tips for employers to use with Indeed to make their experience more successful.

Here they are:

1, Ask screening questions, such as ‘do you have a college degree?’ if they’re relevant to the job.

2. Set one or more ‘deal breakers’ that will eliminate candidates; you don’t necessarily want to interview all candidates, only the ones with relevant experience. Location of the candidate can be a deal breaker: we found that candidates weren’t going to drive from Scottsdale to Chandler for a security guard job, so we put local hiring into the job description as a deal breaker.

3. Invite candidates with ‘Instant Match’ to interview. Note: make sure you’re only paying for qualified applicants….the Indeed website is a bit vague on this point.

4. Reject or replace unqualified applications within 48 hours of posting the job. Otherwise, you’re going to get charged for them.

5. Make use of Indeed’s dedicated recruter for feedback; it’s not a generally known service of Indeed.