Hiring Your Supervisors Right The First Time

We are relaunching our sister company, The American School of Entrepreneurship, and the first courses the companies we surveyed said we should offerr were a podcast on how to hire supervisors correctly, and once you’ve hired them, train them correctly.

One of the major reasons employees quit is poor supervision, so our theory is that you can avoid thousands of dollars of expense in quit and training by hiring better supervisors.

So, here’s a written version of the course on hiring correctly.

Normally, a company will hire its first supervisor at about 5 to 10 total employees. When will vary by the type of industry somewhat, with the type of employees you have. If they are more independent, then you can veer towards 10 employees. Less independent? More like 5.

You will have noticed that you have on your payroll a person who seems interested in getting ahead; that’s the sort of person you want to test.

Yes, we said test, only if to verify your own judgement.

The test that we recommend to our clients is DISC, which measures qualities like enthusiasm, support, stability, accuracy, challenges, results and action. www.discprofile.com has more details. They’re well worth the money, because they measure the ‘fit’ of the supervisor with the existing people you have.

We don’t recommend gong outside your company for supervisors, because you’ll run into the ‘fit’ question. Much better to promote from within.

So, you administer the test, and you look for the traits in a supervisor that you think you want. If you have existing supervisors, you can even test them to see if they have the traits that you want, and replicate those traits in the newbie.

Nothing and no test is perfect, but we think an objective would be to reduce your employee turnover by 50%….that’s what we’ve seen.

So, have at it.