Dumb Customer Service Number 27

We haven’t written anyone up recently for dumb customer service, but that just changed.

I was concerned about my IPhone 7 giving out, since it’s 5 years old, so I went down to my local T-Mobile store to buy an IPhone SE, which has longer battery life, my major complaint with the 7.

Nice young lady named Angie cleaned out the charging port of the 7, which fixed the charging problems and inputted my order for the SE for $220 cash.

(My wife bought an SE from ATT for $200 a couple of months ago)

Angie said you’ll get the contract tomorrow electronically, and if it’s as we agreed, electronically sign it and email it back.

I’m not sure what happened to the old practice of writing the contract up in the shop, printing it out and signing it on the spot. Maybe some high pressure sales types got in the way of customer service.

Been known to happen.

So I gave Angie a good faith deposit on the phone.

This morning, the contract arrives and it’s for $400, with the $180 amortized as a promotional discount over 24 months. No mention of cash.

When I called TMobile, to fix the misunderstanding, they tried to walk away from the deal I’d verbally committed to, giving me the gobbledegook arrangement outlined above. And said that the $400 price was in line with competition. I bet.

I was born at 3 pm, but not yesterday.

So I unwound the deal and checked with my credit card, and T-Mobile hadn’t even put the charge through.

So, T-Mobile, you’re dumb and dumber. And you’ve probably lost a loyal customer over this nonsense when I get ready to replace my trusty IPhone.