COVID 19,20,21,22

Despite all known precautions, I got COVID on June 13, went to the hospital for 4 days, and came out tired and irritable.

The interesting thing was that I decided to have my doctor do a blood test on me to see if I had the COVID antibodies.

The blood test disclosed that I have the antibodies for COVID 20 (the 2020 variant), but not for any of the other strains.

Which means that I could get it again this year, and it might be any one of the variants listed in the title.

What our medical establishment isn’t telling us is that the vaccines only cover one variant at the moment, and if you’re exposed to a different variant, you might still get it.

If you’ve been vaccinated, the illness is more mild, but it’s still annoying .

If you’re an employer, have your employees who have had COVID bloodtested to find out which variant they had, note it in their personnel file, and start lobbying your medical prvovider to include annual COVID tests for those who’ve had it.

It looks like we are heading towards another annual vaccination, such as we have to the flu.