Colleges and Universities, Heal Thyselves

The colleges and universities in the US are in trouble.

They don’t for the most part, offer a relevant education, meaning something that students need to know.

I have one grandchild who’s in the Naval Academy Prep pipeline, and I hope she gets a good education. Naval Academy is about as good as it gets, and she’s got all the right background. We’ll see.

I have another who’s training people in AutoZone branches, and he has no use for college. It’s not relevant to him. He gets more relevance to talking to me about his employees and taking courses at our Small Business Success School.

A third grandchild is a pastry chef, and college has no relevance to her, either. She’s not really into supervising anybody.

The other two grandchildren don’t have to make advanced schooling decisions yet. Maybe by the time they have to, colleges and universities will make themselves relevant again.

The point here is that college isn’t really relevant to any of them, where it could be and should be.

Even my undergraduate college, Antioch, with its work/study program, isn’t making itself relevant. And Wharton has been silent, when the Penn leader has been in the dock.

The campi aren’t secure, either; the schools need to do a better job at figuring out who can and can’t be on campus, without violating free speech and assembly.

So, here we are, an advanced society, with an unadvanced education system. It’s gotta hold us back at some point.