We Don’t Have Anything to Fear From Chat/GPT

I’m surprised Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak have come out publicly and called for a slowdown in the pace of implementing artificial intelligence and chat/gpt.

Both of them, as disruptors, should know better.

You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, or the genie back in the bottle, to use a couple of well worn metaphors.

The reason you can’t is there will always be some genius out there who doesn’t conform to what society is telling him or her to do, and that person will go ahead with their implementation of whatever they were working on..

For example, shortly after I started this blog, I see on Liz Claman’s Fox Business Show the head of Adobe Digital Systems announcing that they have in Beta testing an AI version of Photoshop, which allows you to just write out in the chat/gpt box what you want to see, and it creates it in about the same time that chat/gpt creates internet content.

Parenthetically, if you’ve ever written code or done the scut work of filling in designs for internet pages, you think that chat/gpt is great.

In a broader sense, there will probably be some dislocations among some people, but this dislocation.  has gone on as long as there have been innovations. Millers, weavers, buggy whip makers all found something new to do after their industries were innovated out of existence.

People acquire new skills and adapt.

That’s what thinking is for. I know it’s probably racist to hold such a radical view, but it is what it is. .

You wokers can go pound sand. Don’t be a bunch of Luddites. And Elon and Woz, you might rethink your position on this new thing called AI.