Tricare For Life

OK, I’ve had my second complaint from a medical professional about reaching these guys on the phone.

They don’t have email that I’m aware of listed on their site.

I’m stuck with them for medical and dental coverage, as a retired Navy officer. I’m used to running stuff professionally, and I can see serious problems with the Life side.

It has few signs of LIfe.

One reason they’re so cheap is that they don’t pay claims. And it takes even a medical profession multiple calls on the phone to get a decision on refilling a prescription early.

And the medical professionals can’t send them an email.

Let’s tri and do better, guys and gals. We’re stuck with you.

When they were located on the West Coast, service was pretty good. But it’s gone to hell now that you’re on the East Coast.

Pun intended.

Could also be that David McIntyre isn’t running Tricare for Life, any longer, too.

Change in leadership changes the organization.  Go find a new one, guys.