The Service Conundrum

As the economy looks a little shaky this year, I got into a discussion with one of my clients about service levels.

We did a course at in how to think about your service levels, from zero to extreme, we’ll do anything the customer asks.

In his business, he provides a nice place to work, web support for his stylists, but he charges for it. He actually pays better than the competition, which is key, because his people are the key to his service success, not him.

There’s another little wrinkle that he threw at me this afternoon in a short meeting: the service level is also influenced by what his customers expect. His clientele is older, so they expect more.

In another industry, a client is adding services to his fast casual dining restaurants and tweaking his menu to add quality and price adjusting his price points to cover it. This is sort of unique, since the restaurant business in his segment isn’t known for great, if any, service. Will it work? That’s why he’s a member of our Solutions Forum.

The point of this is outdoing your competition in your segment. We call it zagging when they zig. Or vice versa. Just make sure your customers buy into what you do.