The Right Political Climate

We’re an entrepreneurial blog, not a political one, but the gist of this post is entrepreneurial.

Donald Trump did much to encourage entrepreneurs, with lower tax rates, more liberal depreciation and other things.

Most of these the Biden administration has undone. But their uncertainty on social and ecconomic policy has not helped.

So, we’re going to propose a method by which a center right political climate could be developed and retained.

First we start with reelecting Donald Trump. Despite his style, he’s effective.

However, one thing he didn’t do was develop a successor; Mike Pence doesn’t have the charisma to be President, which is why he’s so far down in the polls.

We recommend DJT appoint Mike Pompeo his running mate. This is, we think a winning ticket. Pompeo is vastly respected internationally and can keep the Chinese and Russians in line.

After Trump is termed out, in 2028, Pompeo runs for President, is probably elected, and he chooses Ron DeSantis as his running mate.

After 8 years of Pompeo/DeSantis, then DeSantis runs on his own, and is probably elected. He’ll still be young and will develop more charisma.

By that time, some of the Republican bench might be ready to step up to VP.  J.D. Vance of Ohio comes to mind.

The idea of all this is to keep the Democrats out of power until they adopt a more centrist attitude. The US is a center-right country, has been for a long time, and should stay that way.

Biden was center left at one time, but sold out to the progressives for a bunch of money. RFK Jr. and Newsom might have potential, but at the moment, I don’t think they’re electable.

So, there you have it. Let’s keep the ‘right’ political climate, and we’ll all be happier.