The DEI Con

I’ve written in this blog what a con job the whole Diversity, Equity and Inclusion industry is, and now Bill Cunningham on his Sunday radio show, had a guest who said exactly that.

In fact, I borrowed the title from the guest, whose name I didn’t get, just because it does represent to me, and my small business clients, the con job that this DEI industry is trying to perpetuate.

My average consulting client has about 20 employees. The biggest one has 500 or so. Normally they hire for competency, not according to any arbitrary mix of ethnicity, equity or inclusiveness. Here in Arizona, we have a higher-than-normal concentration of Hispanics, so they tend to be a higher-than-normal percentage of the workforce. Elsewhere in the US, other ethnicities are higher in representation.

A client just hired a new Director of Service, a guy who had worked for him before. Did he consider gender or DEI in the decision? Nope. Just competency.  He knew the guy’s work was excellent, so he hired him on the spot. He did consult me, which is always flattering, and I greenlighted the hire.

The point of it all is that small and medium sized business, who employs the majority of Americans,  doesn’t really consider DEI in it’s hiring decisions. Mostly just competency. DEI is probably considered to some extent, but it’s far from being the only factor.

The federal policy makers should consider that when setting workforce policy. Or just ignore national policy and let the states do it.