Techies, Stop Hiding

I’ve written about this before, but I still see techies who form companies make it rather difficult for outsiders to communicate with them.

First, they don’t list a phone number.

Second, they might not list even an email address.

Third, the owner or the CEO might not even be listed on the company voicemail register.

Fourth, they don’t list any of their key officers, so given items one and two, someone calling them isn’t even entirely sure you’ve got the right company.

And, given all of the above deficiencies, their websites don’t give one a really good idea of what they do, so again it’s hard to tell that you’ve got the right company. One of the companies with all these deficiencies was listed as having 155 employees.

Yeah, we know that companies don’t like to be contacted by telemarketers, even ones that can help make them a lot of money (us), so it would be nice if one could at least leave a voicemail for the owner or the CEO.

So, you techies who run companies, time to make sure you look good to the external world.