Solving the Migrant Challenge

We did a short version of this on our Twitter account, but the subject deserves more space than 250 characters., so we’re going to develop our thoughts more in this post.

There might be an entrepreneurial opportunity in solving this, which is why I’m writing about it here.

We have about 10 million illegal immigrants in this country, give or take. No one really knows, because there aren’t much in the way of border controls, but let’s run with 10 million.

I happened to notice a couple of days ago that there are about 9.6 million open jobs in this country listed in the JOLTS report. I believe employers actually submit these jobs to the Labor Department, who develops the total.

If this is so, our genius government could develop a national database of open jobs or have state labor departments contribute or develop the data on a state basis.

Illegal Immigrants could read this database and go where the jobs are, rather than being shotgunned around the country to sanctuary cities. However, we don’t know what, if any skills the illegals possess. They know what they can do, though.

Under Biden, I have zero faith that this database could be developed and used, because none of the Biden Bunch likes business, and they have no imagination about what could be done. Under Trump, it could be done.

However, a large national personnel agency like Kelly Services could do it. And might be looking for another business opportunity. This is what business development professionals do. I used to do it at Ford.

So, let’s say that 7 million of the jobs could be filled by the illegals. That reduces the welfare load on the Feds and the states by 2/3.

We know many migrants get employment as soon as they get here, but many don’t. And many might want a better job than they had and could be apprenticed to learn new trades.   But the illegals can be told to search the databases at any Labor Dept. office, I would think.

So, here’s an entrepreneurial opportunity for someone or some company to develop this database and sell usage. Does it make money? Probably.

Entrepreneurs can figure it out.