So, What’s AI Good For?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since about 2020, but has really hit prominence only in the last six months or so, with the introduction and use of Chat/GPT.

And, Elon Musk is introducting his version, called

You may be wondering how you can use this new tool. Courtesy of our colleague Kelli Waxman, who pulled these ideas from Chat/GPT, here are some possible uses:

  1. Data Analysis. Lots of information is stored, and can be analyzed, to develop marketing programs, for example.
  2. Customer personalization. You can tailor website experiences to persons. such as recommending personalized products or services.
  3. Customer support personalization. You can see this now, in chatbots, but frankly they’re not very good. Big area for improvement.
  4. Pricing optimization. Prices can be adjusted locally, based on data you glean from local databases, but you have to be careful in asking Chat/GPT a question that will give you what you want.
  5. AI can automate a lot of repetitive tasks, such as customer lookups.
  6. Use of AI can, at least for a while provide a competitive advantage, by making your company quicker to respond to customer wishes.
  7. Automation of sales and marketing lead generation; we have used this for Solutions Forum and, so far, it hasn’t been cost effective. But we may not be crafting optimal marketing pieces or lists.

And, there’s more out there, I’m sure.