Match Your Media to Your Market

Maybe it’s the spring weather in much of the US, but some marketers who should know better are spending a lot more money than they need to advertise to some segments:

  1. Bud Light appears on MLB network with an ad selling Bud Light to trans people. Big money, narrow market guys. But, you got Kid Rock to shoot up a case of Bud Light, so your normal market is clearly watching.
  2. Nike has a trans guy modelling a sports bra in TikTok ads; they pay him, so it’s not free, but how big do you think this market is, Nike? And, again, you got some adverse press on Fox News, so perversely, you might have hit the sports bra market.
  3. Two elderly guys, maybe gay, are celebrating the purchase of a house, which is fine, but does it make sense to put it on main Fox cable?

The point of these three vignettes is that all three advertisers should have researched the media that might appeal to the markets they were trying to reach, and then run the ads using those media. Saves a bunch of money, guys.

You’re welcome.