Life After Capitalism

No, we haven’t capitulated to the Biden Bunch. That’s the title of a new book from George Gilder, of ‘Wealth and Poverty’ fame.

We looked forward to getting the book when it was announced on Amazon, but I must say that it hasn’t quite lived up to our expectations.

The problem, as we see it, is that Gilder doesn’t really get around to writing about the title until the latter 1/4 of the book.

Gilder’s solutions to life after capitalism are rather normal: stable government so businesses can invest, encouragement of entrepreneurs and information capitalism. The latter topic is intriguing, and gets into Chat/GPT, but not in depth. Let’s hope he writes more about this topic. These topics are covered late in the book.

Another problem is that Gilder gets into a number of other topics: The Meaning of Wealth, The Future of the Economy and the Time Theory of Money. These topics are covered early in the book, so one is left wondering if the title was dreamed up by the publisher (Regnery Gateway) to be catchy and sell books.

All of these topics are worthy of treatment in a book, but IMHO, not the same book. They all bear on capitalism, but not necessarily Life After Capitalism.

As always, Gilder is a very fluid writer, so even when he’s off topic, he’s enjoyable to read.