Don’t Be Too Concerned About the Biden/Harris Business Agenda

The main stream media would have you believe that as businesspeople, we’re all going to pay higher taxes and face increased numbers of regulations over the next 3 or so years.

Don’t believe it.

We don’t think that the Biden/Harris agenda has much of a chance of getting through Congress, which it must do in order to become law.

The Senate is the chief obstacle, and Sens. Manchin and Sinema are the chief thorns in the side of the Biden crowd. Pray for their health.

Because the filibuster is still in effect, legislation requires 60 votes in the Senate to become law. The Democrats have 51, and on recent regulations, they don’t even have that.

We think new, higher tax rates aren’t in the offing, either, because they have to be approved by the Senate and House. So do any more IRS agents.

So, be vigilant, and keep your Senator or Congressperson’s telephone number on speed dial.