Doctors, Heal Thyselves

Most medical practices need to do a better job of patient care.

I recently had a situation where my GP made a diagnosis but wanted a confirming diagnosis from a gastroenterologist.

So, my GP sent a request to my gastroenterologist, Arizona Digestive Services. They originally said they’d set up a telemedicine appointment, but after two days, failed to do so.

Arizona Digestive Services then referred me to another gastroenterology practice, who did call, but said they couldn’t treat me until January, since I was a patient of Az Digestive Services until then.

So, I remain with my original problem, with no solution. My dear wife came up with a solution, which we’ve adopted for the time being.

I’ve never heard of such an arrangement, and I hope that the State of Arizona regulatory authorities will look into it.

Or, someone at the two gastro practices should display a bit of entrepreneurial initiative and reach out to solve the problem.

I’m not holding my breath.