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Even though Solutions Forum is known for its business owner idea exchanges, about a third of our clientele is private coaching. These are smaller businesses that, for whatever reason, can't let a principal in the firm go for four hours once a month. They happily trade off the group experience for one-on-one coaching with one of our licensees or our President, John Heinrich, generally once a month. To find out if you or your company can benefit, Skype us now at johnheinrichtwo!



Ever since we came out with the value added of over $100,000, no one has believed us, so we thought wed give you some actual case studies:

  1. RTA Fleet: Sales when originally joined were $1.7 million per year, one sales rep, aside from the owner. Sales now over $3.5 million in nine years. Four quality sales reps. NOTE; LARRY RECENTLY PASSED AWAY SUDDENLY, SO CALL JOHN HEINRICH AT 480-200-5678 BEFORE CALLING RTA. Contact: Kim Turley, 623-581-2447
  2. KM Facility Services: when originally joined in 2010, had just started company in garage, was recommended by another member. Three years later, sales are approaching $2million a year, just moved into 10,000 s.f. warehouse and office. Contact: Kevin Uilkie, 623-203-5090.
  3. All Star Catering: Veteran industrial caterer, joined in 2009, sales about $3 million from 20 catering trucks plus contract catering. Made agreement to acquire another member (a unprofitable craft brewer) in a Solutions Forum meeting, expanded it, now looking for funding for another brewing tank, having sold all the capacity in the first one. Contact: Jeff Olson, 602-430-8112.
  4. Primeview: Sales are up about $100,000 over joining level four years ago, but much more profitable because we validated developing a Philippine design center, which has made the company much more profitable, able to compete with low cost web designers. Contact: Peter Liefer, 480-970-4688.
  5. Top Drawer Components: dovetail drawer manufacturer: Private client; expanded and helped profile successful sales rep profile, doubled number of reps. Sales are up about 25% ($10,000/month) over starting baseline. Also working on financial restructuring. Contact: Brian Emerson, 480-926-9540.
  6. Clements Insurance: Has grown to about twice its size when joining in 2010 (founding member), in highly competitive commercial lines insurance. Profiled successful sales agents, staff personnel. Contact: Jack Clements, 520-624-3456
  7. American Technology Solutions: Member joined when part of a money-losing partnership; we convinced him to start his own firm, took 90% of clients with him, now approaching $1 million in sales three years later. Contact: Bob Edens, 602-505-9112.
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