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Even though Solutions Forum is known for its business owner idea exchanges, about a third of our clientele is private coaching. These are smaller businesses that, for whatever reason, can't let a principal in the firm go for four hours once a month. They happily trade off the group experience for one-on-one coaching with one of our licensees or our President, John Heinrich, generally once a month. To find out if you or your company can benefit, Skype us now at johnheinrichtwo!


In today's turbulent times, you, as the leader or as a senior manager in your company, need to have all the knowledge that you can lay your hands on. How to hire, fire, motivate, how to outmaneuver one's competitors, how to stay out of legal jams, how to execute the right strategy (or even determine it) are probably all topics on which you've pondered recently.

The Solutions Forum is here to present this type of training and knowledge to all companies, regardless of size or industry. One may ask how we can be experts in all the industries that we have had members in, but we've found that all successful businesses revolve around doing a finite number of things well, or at least better than your competitors.

We can be a major business resource for you in three ways: CEO groups (both on-ground and online), articles to push one’s thinking (the CEO Reading Room), and our Panel of Experts. Each of these areas is detailed more below. We urge you to tour these areas, and try a sample subscription to the Reading Room. If you don't like it, we'll refund your money.

Or, try a question that's been stumping you on our Panel of Experts; again, if we can't answer the question to your satisfaction, we'll refund your money.

CEO Groups

Presently, we only do on-ground groups, on a monthly or quarterly basis, in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. Other cities are under consideration, and we're examining on-line groups. Each month or quarter, owners and general managers of divisions get together and, on their own agendas, share ideas and then go off to implement. This system has added, on average, over $100,000 to the average member's bottom line in 15 months of membership. The groups also give harried CEO's psychic relief from running their companies.

CEO Reading Room

Each of our CEO's, whether on-ground or online, and other decision makers around the world, are members of our Reading Room. The topics arrayed there represent the latest thinking by world-renowned authors on their topics, selected from the best business publications available. No other CEO forum has such a renowned array of topics and authors. One would have to pay over $1,500 per year and peruse all the articles we do to get a similar capability. Topics that are extensively covered are personnel hiring and firing, sales training and motivation, leadership and strategy.

Panel of Experts

Recognizing that many decision makers have what they think are unique problems, and in four years of CEO groups we've encountered a vast array of challenges, we put our "best and brightest" minds among our members on a panel dedicated to helping you.

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CEO Reading Room
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